Merry Christmas from Manly Beach

Manly Beach today


Sydneysiders know how to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas.

The shops and supermarkets may be busy, but there’s always time to relax and savour the moment, especially when the sun is shining. Last year I posted photos of Curl Curl Beach just north of where we live.

Our home is close to Manly, a part of Sydney blessed by both Harbour and ocean beaches.

Manly Beach Calling Leesa

Leesa, if you’re reading this, I know you’ve spent time here at Manly and love the beach and the sunshine.

This photo’s for you. Manly misses you and hopes to see you again soon!

Manly Beach today

Happy Christmas, Everyone

Cheers and to all who celebrate this holiday, wishing you a happy, safe, and very Merry Christmas.

Queenscliff Beach and headland, adjoining Manly Beach

10 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas to you and Clive and your son and his girlfriend, and whoever else is joining you for the holidays (his daughter and her family??)!!!

  2. Merry Christmas and and Very Happy New year to you and Clive and all your family.

    It looks delightful, sunny and warm,, Thanks for sharing with us all, and cheering us up ..especially those with all the really bad weather.

  3. What beautiful pictures! Off to Kauai we go this morning, leaving windy LA behind us today. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year!

  4. I just read your answer to my last comment. I need someone to help me started with a blog. It would be fun at least to post pictures of Hawaii and France or Los Angeles once in a while. It is so incredibly windy this morning, not a good day to take an airplane.

  5. Merry Christmas to you too in sunny Australia. Except for taking trips to warm places on a few Christmases, most of my holidays are cold.

  6. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Thanks Carolyn!! heheheheh!! It’s CALLING my name!! I have a picture similar to the last one on the post.. practically the same spot!! I LOVEEEEEE Manly!!
    I had been living in NZ for almost three months with NOOOO Mexican food and when I got to Manly Corso, I had my first “burrito” in months… I will NEVER forget the person in front of me ordered a “Taaco!” It sounded so funny to here taaco instead of tahco… pronounced in the Mexican accent… but instead with an Australian accent.. hehehe!
    Thanks for the pics… brings back great memories!
    I stayed just down the street on East Esplanade… in one of the high rise condos… Take care and Merry Christmas to you and Clive…

  7. P.S. The couple in the first picture are walking down East Esplanade in the direction I was staying for three weeks in Manly!!

  8. A somewhat belated Christmas greetings to you and Clive … I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day. It looks like the weather was fine for it.

  9. Looks lovely….some day.

  10. Thanks, all.

    Cheers and happy new year!

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