Cruise Ship Season in Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour this week


One sign of summer Down Under is the coming and going of cruise ships in Sydney Harbour.
While my favourite Paris bloggers (listed on the left-hand sidebar) are posting beautiful pictures of snow, Sydney is busy hosting cruise ships under the summer sun. Between now and March, 118 cruise ship visits are scheduled, with 250,000 passengers expected to come into Sydney.

We’ve read the cruise industry has been relatively successful during the global economic downturn, with passenger numbers increasing.

I posted a photo of a ship berthed at Circular Quay in Cruise Ships in Sydney Harbour. If you’re interested in the daily schedule, the best site we’ve found is Sydney Ports.

Cheers and happy sailing.

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Carolyn,,,,I know where I would rather be…and it is not the UK….I would love to experience some warmth..

    Arni is going to Melbourne for the racing last week of March, and before that Bahrain..He will have more than his fair share of warmth 🙂 for him.

    Take care, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and Clive best wishes Anne and Arni xx

  2. Cruise lines are doing well because the prices are very cheap right now. Great bargains to have all around for buyers. Have a great Christmas and a very happy new year! I will still be able to read my blogs from Hawaii, using my mother in law’s computer.

  3. It looks SOOOO appealing! Soooo hot and sunny and it’s calling my name….
    One day, we’ll be there…. I miss Oz!

  4. Hi Carolyn & Clive,

    Wow; how beautiful ! Thanks for the lovely sunny shot.
    That makes me think that I have never been on a cruise ship. It is one of the means of transport that I have not experienced yet.
    Maybe one day… Though D is not too keen on the idea.

    Maybe just a shorter cruise; that still counts 🙂

    Merry Xmas to you & Clive and best holiday wishes.

  5. Anne, sending warm wishes your way! Wishing A&A a wonderful Christmas from C&C 🙂

    Nadege, wow, Hawaii! Sounds wonderful — I wish you had a blog so you could post about your travels in France and elsewhere. Have a lovely holiday and enjoy Hawaii!

    Leesa, wish you were here to share the Sydney sunshine! I know you’ll return one day.

    xpat92, we haven’t done a cruise, either, but I agree there are some things that look appealing. Also agree re maybe a shorter cruise somewhere! Have a great holiday with your hubby and family in France.

    Cheers all.

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