An Eiffel Exhibit at Hôtel de Ville, Paris

Gustave Eiffel exhibit, Hôtel de Ville, Paris

Gustave Eiffel exhibit, Hôtel de Ville, Paris


Paris Hôtel de Ville, or City Hall, is a magnificent building in the centre of the city. Just walking by it is an experience, and even better, there are often excellent — and free — cultural exhibits inside.

Earlier this week, we went to one of the final days of ‘Gustave Eiffel, Le Magicien du Fer’ (Genius of Iron), marking the 120th birthday of his most famous creation.  The exhibit had been extended one month due to its popularity.

I really like the exhibits at Hôtel de Ville and highly recommend checking the schedule if you’re visiting Paris. The space is relatively small and you don’t have to spend a lot of time there, but the quality of the exhibits is always high. Last year we saw a controversial photographic display of Paris during the Nazi occupation, and recently there was an exhibit about Le petit Nicolas, a popular children’s series that has sold over 10 million copies in 30 countries.

Hôtel de Ville is across the street from my favourite Paris department store, BHV, another great place to visit. Hôtel de Ville has the Seine and Notre Dame on one side, the Marais and Centre Georges Pompidou on the other, so you can’t go wrong by checking it out.

We’re off early tomorrow on the Eurostar to England. My next post will be from the Suffolk coast.

Au revoir, Paris. We’ll see you again soon.


  Virtual Tour of Hôtel de Ville
  Hôtel de Ville official site

6 Responses

  1. Oh darn it!! I really wanted to go but when we went by it last Sunday, I thought I read the dates saying it had already ended!! Sure would have LOVED to see this exhibit… I love to catch exhibits at the Hotel de Ville… Thanks for posting this and sorry we miss you both this time… See you hopefully when you are back in Paris… Take care, Leesa

  2. I never knew about it 😦 I would of loved to of seen this exhibit too!! Never mind I had lots and lots of fine things to look and places to see!!

    Take care and have fun in Suffolk!!!

  3. I have never been to an exhibit in the Hotel de Ville in all the times Ive been to Paris. Never even think of it! Thanks for the tip. Wish we were going to Paris this year… sigh. Enjoy Suffolk!

  4. I think a movie about “le petit Nicolas” is coming out soon.

  5. Where are you? I think you must be in England, but I may have missed a post. Excuse me while I nose around…

  6. I missed seeing that exhibit. Hope to see it when we are back in Paris early in November. How long will you be in Paris? I forget.

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