Real Life and Blogging

Sometimes real life gets in the way of blogging. Both Clive’s and my mothers have been in hospital in the past 2-1/2 weeks and we have had a few personal projects taking up our off-screen time.

Thankfully our mothers are both settled back in their respective homes, in good spirits and reasonably good health.

I have more to say about visitors and will be back soon to discuss ways to be hospitable without having people sleep over.

Cheers to everyone from MySydneyParisLife.

5 Responses

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    I’m glad to hear that both your mom and Clive’s mom are doing okay!
    All my best to them!


  2. Hi Carolyn, very happy that both mums are doing ok now.. All the best to you and clive and your mums.

    I am still Paris, back to the UK on Wednesday!! I have had a fabulous time, been all over.

  3. Sorry to hear they’ve not been doing well. It is so hard seeing them in difficulty and pain. Glad they are both back home and doing better.

    Hope you and Clive are able to get a little rest, and get out and enjoy some of the things you enjoy.

  4. Hi Carolyn,

    Sending get well wishes to both your Moms.It really is hard; I can relate.
    I’m glad to know that they are both doing better.

    The Paris ladies who were with Anne during her visit had such a good time! I have downloaded pics again today.

    You both be strong and keep up your own health.

    Hugs x

  5. Thank you, Leesa, Anne, Kim, and Barbara! I appreciate your good thoughts very much.

    Now that I’ve come up for air I look forward to catching up on everyone’s blogs and reading more about Anne’s wonderful adventure in Paris — including photos of all of you beautiful women in that beautiful city 🙂

    Cheers and take care.

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