Interlude – Winter Afternoon at Manly Beach

'The Shallows' at Manly Beach, Sydney

'The Shallows' at Manly Beach, Sydney


The Manly Food and Wine Festival took place the weekend we arrived home in Australia.

We thought we’d follow our own advice on how to avoid jet lag, so after one of us took a nap (me) and the other got a head start on unpacking (Clive), we took a late afternoon walk to Manly Beach.

Among thousands of Aussies doing what they do best, enjoying the sunshine, fresh air, and food and wine at water’s edge, we listened to a group of oldies but goodies, who call themselves ‘The Shallows’ and sound surprisingly like the real Shadows.

I’m convinced Sydney’s weather is a major factor in the friendly, cheerful outlook of its people. As I wrote in ’15 Things I Love about Sydney and Paris’, it lifts my spirits, too.

In Australia I’m physically far away from some of the people I love most in the world. Life takes us all on unpredictable paths. It won’t be long until we start planning our next visit to the northern hemisphere, but this is the place I call home and it’s good to be back.

Manly Cove Beach, Sydney Harbour

Manly Cove Beach, Sydney Harbour

7 Responses

  1. Glad to hear you made it back safely…I can’t imagine being away from home for such an extended time, but I understand the pull of two places. Having people you love scattered throughout different parts of the world can make for a bit of heartache sometimes.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your travels…thanks for taking us with you.

  2. Glad you are back Caroline. What a trip you have had! Nothing like an Aussie Beach. Glad you call Australia home. It’s lucky to have you here.

  3. Wow, it is so hard to be so far away from close family, but you are doing the right thing by focusing on what’s great about where you are making your home. I hate the first couple of weeks when I return to the UK after a visit to my family. But routine and positive attitude (cheesy words, I know) does wonders. x

  4. You live in a beautiful area of Sydney. A food fair sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    Yes, you are both safe and sound at home. You will believe me when I say we are both glad to return to our nest and somewhat sad too.
    The best remedy; save & plan for the next trip !
    The food & wine festival sounds fun ( & yummy) .

    And that weather looks darn good for a winter’s day !

    Cheers to you both !

  6. Hello Carolyn and Clive

    So pleased you had a fantastic trip..and what a trip it was, 🙂 And the best for us was the Paris trip 🙂 yeah we got to meet you 🙂 🙂

    Take Care

  7. Thanks everyone! I know you all understand and appreciate your comments.

    Elizabeth, so true about the pull of two places. Lilly, there is indeed nothing like an Aussie beach 🙂

    Linda, thanks it is a beautiful part of the world here, as it is where you are too. Michelle, very insightful about routine and positive attitude – not cheesy at all and I agree!

    Barbara, yes glad and sad at the same time, and Anne, we loved our special meeting in Paris.

    Cheers all.

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