Paris to London

Last Paris Coffee, Gare du Nord

Last Paris Coffee, Gare du Nord


Wednesday we started the day in Paris. Thanks to the Eurostar, a few hours later we were walking on Oxford Street in London.

We both love travelling by train, but only took the Eurostar for the first time in 2007.  We were immediately enamored of its efficiency and comfort. After years of flying between these two cities, it is heaven to avoid airports and security lines. It still seems miraculous to me to go from city centre to city centre in two and a half hours.

Clive is happy to be in a country where hotel rooms are equipped with kettles as a matter of course.

Traffic Crossing Oxford Street, London

Traffic Crossing Oxford Street, London

7 Responses

  1. Dear Carolyn,

    I just came across your blog , I’m currently traveling through French Polynesia, so time for messages is totally limited, but just wanted to comment on your interesting blog…

    Will be grabbing a coffee to catch other paris entries when I’m on the next flight back.


  2. Two and a half hours? You can’t even get from Sydney to Canberra in that time. How fantastic. Enjoying your posts.

  3. Love the Eurostar. Love St. Pancras!! Hope you enjoy your days in London and good look picking up the rental car at Marble Arch tomorrow!

    I like Clive’s comments about kettles as standard issue in British hotel rooms. I’d never thought of it!

  4. Welcome to London..:-)…Hope you have a lot of fun, shame we cannot meet there too!!!!

    I only travelled on the Eurostar for the 1st time last week….how easy it was, one moment in London and hey next in Paris, Caroline and I were amazed.

    Arni has a little travel kettle just in case, I know a few hotels he has stayed in, don’t have them!..he moans about it..:-(

  5. Carolyn….how long are you in London? I’ll be there on Monday before I fly back the the US on Tuesday. I have got to try the Eurostar…I can’t imagine moving so quickly from Paris to London.


  6. Lily led me here:) London and Paris! just 2 of my dream places to visit. never seen a 2-storey bus in real life too! must be so cool!

  7. Thanks all for the positive comments. Anne, great your hubby carries a travel kettle – so English 🙂

    Elizabeth, sorry we missed you! We left London just before you arrived. Maybe another trip!?! Hope your U.S. travels are going well.

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