An Afternoon at BHV, Paris

BHV - Internet Photo

BHV - Internet Photo


Clive and I went to Bazar de L’Hôtel de Ville (BHV) a couple days ago, to get an iron and a few odds and ends for the apartment. We ended up buying a small ironing board, too, which Clive carried home on the métro and through the streets of our quartier.

[For those who know I don’t normally iron (subject for another time), don’t worry. I haven’t turned into a domestic goddess in Paris. I did surprise Clive by saying I thought we needed an iron because our pillowcases and tea towels come out of the combined washer/dryer as wrinkled balls.]

My Favourite Paris Department Store

I love BHV. It’s one of Paris’s biggest department stores, and particularly well-known for its hardware heaven catering to DIY enthusiasts on the lower level. It also has fantastic sections for just about anything else you can think of, including homewares, clothing, toys, maps, and stationery.

BHV is often crowded and always seems over-heated to us, but that’s part of the experience and we’ve learned not to wear heavy jackets when we go there. At some point in our shopping, we usually take a break and have a coffee at the café on Level 5. It’s especially nice if we get one of the many window tables with good views across rue de Rivoli and Hôtel de Ville.

I enjoy the whole process, looking at the different choices (I had no idea there were so many irons available), making our selection, using my French as needed to ask questions of a salesperson, getting a coffee, and just soaking in the ambiance of being surrounded by (mostly) French people here in the heart of Paris.

Thanks to Clive, once again, for carrying our purchases home, including the baguette.

Surf's Up in Passy

Surf's Up

6 Responses

  1. It does look like he’s toting a surfboard through the streets of Paris, doesn’t it?

    Just to further demonstrate the breadth of BHV’s offering, this week *I* bought there . . .a linen dress and matching jacket to wear to a May wedding in England!

    The ONE thing BHV doesn’t carry is shoes. But that is the ONLY thing.

  2. I love BHV too and love going up to that cafe for the views. They always seem to have the best selection of lamps there too.

  3. We were going to go in there, but never made it…passed it a few times …

    Caroline so great to see you….thanks pleased you liked my photo 🙂

    Oh yes, see you next time 🙂

    Look forward to photo of you and the top of Snowdonia!!!

  4. Hi Carolyn & Clive,
    I’m happy to see you both enjoying your days in Paris. It’s a shame that I couldn’t come over and have a cozy little lunch just with the 14 of you last week ( he he), but that’s Life.
    The BHV is also our fav dep’t store. I like it because it has many useful items for the home, and is not just mainly MODE . I enjoy it’s variety.

    Have fun in Paris !

  5. KimB, Linda, and Barbara, thanks and I’m glad to know I’m in such good company regarding BHV! Anne, next trip we’ll have to have a coffee there 🙂

  6. […] de Ville is across the street from my favourite Paris department store, BHV, another great place to visit. Hôtel de Ville has the Seine and Notre Dame on one side, the Marais and Centre Georges Pompidou […]

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