A Wireless of One’s Own


It’s not what Virginia Woolf wrote about. It didn’t exist in her time.

For women in today’s world, I think a wireless (or any Internet) connection of one’s own is as important as a laptop, or any computer, of one’s own.

Whether these need to be used in a room of one’s own may depend on each woman’s individual work needs and preferences, and of course space available. A room of one’s own would often be ideal, but isn’t always possible. As prices come down and competition increases, a laptop and wireless connection of one’s own are becoming more and more possible.

I recently wrote about my new netbook, which I’ve loved using on this trip. It’s changed our travel life for the better, since Clive and I can use our laptops at the same time, instead of sequentially. We often work side by side, or in the same room, so we can talk things over while we’re online and catching up on personal business.

Until today, we haven’t had a reliable Internet connection in Paris. Last year we were pleased to find the portable Orange device, as I wrote in Family Globalisation: A New Way to Stay Connected. But it’s costly and slow, and we knew it was time to bite the bullet and sign up for a proper high-speed WiFi service, in a package with free telephone and cable TV. We decided on the Darty Box, and this afternoon a helpful young man from Darty installed everything. Despite no English on his part and limited French on ours, it was a positive experience for all of us. He even talked about his twin three year-old daughters and showed us photos of them on his cell phone.

What a lovely change it is for both of us to be able to access the Internet whenever we need to, with confidence our connection is secure. No more frustration about the slow, expensive portable device, no more worries about unsecured networks, no more waiting in line for the other one to finish.

I don’t know if other women experience frustration, as I did, when sharing an Internet connection for an extended period of time. Clive and I did so until today, but it didn’t work out as well as we hoped. We concluded it’s well worth it for each of us to have not only our own laptop, but also our own connection.

I think Virginia Woolf would agree.

5 Responses

  1. Your blog is very interesting and I like the texts and the photos too, especially on travelling!

  2. Oh how I can understand your relief.

    With my husband recently unemployed and constantly on the computer looking for work, I struggled having to share an internet connection.
    That was until a wonderful person in our family brought us a portable modem for our laptop. Now I am free to access the internet whenever I please without having to check in with my husband.
    It is so nice to share certain things with your spouse/partner, but internet connection is not one of these things.
    Glad it has worked out so well for the both of you, it must be a huge relief.

  3. Philip, thanks for your kind comment. MrsChipnDale, I appreciate your understanding and glad you also have your own connection 🙂

  4. I love how you make the comparison to Virginia Woolf’s writing/essay. It’s true, though, isn’t it!?

    I will get there. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement that I will.

  5. Hi Karin, and thanks for your comment! I’m sure you’ll get there and am cheering you on!

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