Combien Est le Chien dans la Fenêtre?

Shop Window, Passy Quartier

Shop Window, Passy Quartier


These doggie shoulder bags cost 169 euros each.

They have a zipper on top of the dog’s back, and look like they’d hold a wallet, keys, and mobile phone, with a little room left over.

The bags really made me smile.  Despite not being a dog person, I was tempted until I learned the price.  Just think, an ideal substitute for those of us who don’t own real dogs but want to look like we’re part of the Paris scene!

I’m OK with this kind of doggie bag, though Clive suggested we seek assurance no animals were harmed in their making.  We ducked inside and saw additional varieties (species?) of little dogs available.

The shop is on rue de Passy, near Passy métro.

3 Responses

  1. I’m sure it won’t be long until a lady puts one of her little dogs inside a bag like those to carry it around. I see little dogs with their heads sticking out of purses all the time.

  2. Linda, that would be too funny – dogs within dogs – yikes! The little heads sticking out of purses make me smile, too.


  3. I love these purses! good thing they don’t have them at TJMaxx or marshalls, i’d have every breed!

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