Taking Steps to Install Paris Technology

Clive Carrying New TV

Clive Carrying New TV


As I wrote in Paris, at Last, we’re desperate for improved Internet service. France Telecom’s portable USB device is slow and costly, though we’ll keep it to use as a backup and if and when we travel within France.

We appreciated the tips and input received in comments here and at yesterday’s enjoyable get-together. Combined with our own Internet research and visits to Darty and France Telecom, we decided today to go with a Darty Box. We like the fact they’ll install everything, and there’s a store near us.

As with other providers, Darty offers an almost too-good-to-resist package deal. Starting at 29.90 euros/month, it includes Internet, TV, and unlimited telephone, great for our calls to family in Australia, England, and the U.S.

We had one issue: no TV. Until this year, we’ve been happy to be TV-free in Paris, given the combination of the limited time we’ve been able to spend here and the relatively small space in the apartment. As we stay here for longer periods, we realise we’d like access to BBC World News or maybe CNN, and we hope watching and listening to news in French will improve our ability to understand and speak the language.

My IT guru carried our latest purchase home from Darty and installed it this evening. We enjoyed watching French TV, and look forward to further viewing options when Darty installs the cable, modem, and WiFi on Friday.

It took us a while to talk in broken French with the sales people and process our contract, but I always feel a sense of accomplishment with these transactions. It’s part of what I love about being in Paris, even if it does take time. Despite many expats complaining about the service, I even like going to the bank and post office.

We’ve made extensive use of the printer/scanner/copier we bought when we were here in November, which I wrote about in Up and Down the Hills of Montmartre. (Clive carried that home, too, and it was raining that day.) I have no doubt we’ll make equally extensive use of today’s purchases.

Fingers crossed, we’ll have a smooth installation and be up and running on high-speed Internet by the weekend.

3 Responses

  1. I am following your adventures even though I am not leaving comments. My parents used to live near the Parc Monceau when they were young. It is a lovely area.

  2. Hooray! Nothing is daunting for you all — you are doers! The installation should be the easy part now that you’ve dealt with the Darty contract!

  3. Thanks, Nadege and Kim. Nadege, what a gorgeous area your parents lived in. Kim, we’re optimistic for the installation – hoping for the best!


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