To Elizabeth, from Paris

Side Street in Butte aux Cailles, Paris

Side Street in Butte aux Cailles, Paris


Today Clive and I had the pleasure of meeting a number of Paris bloggers and/or expats (at last count, I think it was twelve) over lunch in the Butte aux Cailles quartier.

The famous Leesa  of News from France did her usual wonderful job of organising the group. At our end of the table, we enjoyed talking with Serena, Mel, Andrea, Anne from Oxfordshire Anne’s friend Caroline, a young woman who worked for the same company I did (apologies I didn’t note her name), and KimB from Sassiland. We missed Barbara from Home in France, who’s recovering from surgery. Barbara, take care of yourself and we’ll hope to see you next time!

The group photos are all on Leesa’s camera, so we may see them when she gets her computer back. (As I understand it, it’s with an IT expert who’s helping it recover from a software error.)

In the meantime, since KimB and I ‘met’ through the lovely blog of Elizabeth Harper, Gifts of the Journey, we thought of Elizabeth today.

Wish You Were Here - Maybe Next Time

Wish You Were Here - Maybe Next Time

Elizabeth, cheers to you and John from your honeymoon city.

8 Responses

  1. You two are so great! What a sweet surprise for me.

    I’m really smiling and laughing right now thinking about the fun time you must have all had.

    I wish I was there too.

    Thanks so much for including me.

  2. All credit goes to Carolyn, who thinks of everything! Even in the midst of a baker’s dozen of bloggisti and friends. Isn’t she great?

    We did wish you were here, it was such fun and you would have enjoyed it. Still sorry we’re flying from different airports on the 24th of next month!

  3. p.s. the young lady across from me, a Russian-American married to a Frenchman, and with a beautiful one-year-old daughter, is Dasha. I’ve already had an email from her this morning!

  4. Hi Carolyn, it was great meeting you and Clive the other day. It was so noisy, it was a little hard to chat but maybe next time you’re in Paris we can meet up, we’re neighbours in the 16th after all…

  5. Stopped by from Gifts of a Journey! I love when we connect to the perfect energy, which gives energy to connect to more… thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks Andrea and vchelle. Andrea, it was great meeting you, too – cheers until next time 🙂

  7. Hey Carolyn and Clive!

    Just logging in from Salzburg and checking out your blog! Thanks for the kudos… It was so great meeting you, Clive, Kim, Anne, Caroline, Mel, and seeing the others I already know, as well.. Such a fun time… Hope to do it all again the next time you are both in Paris…
    Thanks so much for the cute koala’s!! Fun was had that day…
    Happy Travels…

  8. Leesa, thanks again – it was a lot of fun and hope to do it again next trip 🙂

    Cheers from Paris and enjoy your holidays.

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