Where To Next?

Sometimes it’s good to pause, sit on a park bench, and read the map book.

Clive in Square Marcel Pagnol, Paris

Clive in Square Marcel Pagnol, Paris

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  1. Hi Carol,

    One of the things that I enjoy most about your blog is your use of graphics to illustrate your text. You and Clive chose appropriate photos as well as clever icons to support the points that you are making. I am more interested in text because of being in English, but I think that graphics to support the text can be a writer’s most effective means of appealing to his/her audience.

    While it is terribly frustrating to wait for something to upload or to download, as if often my case with our course management system here at Penn State, the pictures you chose of Paris and the beautiful blooming trees are lovely. We are about a week to 10 days depending on temperature to have our trees on campus and town looking like that.

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Hi there !
    Hummm… that man on the bench seems familiar 😉 I agree that just sitting and reading in a park is enjoyable in the Spring.
    Wishing you both a quiet Easter Monday.
    Take care and…. à très bientôt !

  3. hey, carolyn,
    on the flight back from bhutan (which took 2 full days : (
    i asked HK that same question…”where to next?” he shot me a “f^@k you” look and announced that he is choosing the next destination-which means something closer to home, i suppose.
    in the meantime, we are enjoying springtime in atlanta, which looks mighty similar to your beautiful photo of paris!

  4. Eleanor, thank you, and it sems the world over people appreciate Spring and the lovely blossoms it brings. Barbara, thanks for your wishes, and Jules, welcome home. I look forward to reading about your trip to Bhutan (and where your hubby chooses for next location – glad you are not in Thaliand at present). Enjoy your beautiful southern springtime.

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