Ho-Ho-Kus Station

Ho-Ho-Kus Train Station

Ho-Ho-Kus Train Station

Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Many Ho-Ho-Kus residents take the Erie Lackawanna train into New York City every day, and many of them can walk to and from the station.

Our next door neighbours’ father did this every day when my brother and I were growing up, and we’d see him carrying his briefcase up Gilbert Road in the evening when we were playing outside. He always waved and said hi to us before he went into his house.

Clive and I have had excellent visits with my mother and father, who are both doing well despite significant challenges associated with age and health.  We’re off to Washington, D.C. to visit my son for a few days, then on to Paris, England, and Wales.

I’ll post more from Ho-Ho-Kus when we return here in late May.

Road across Train Tracks, up the Hill to Upper Ridgewood

Road across Train Tracks, up the Hill to Upper Ridgewood

7 Responses

  1. How handy. I guess many European towns and cities come close to being the same, but few in the States without using a car.

  2. Enjoy your visit to Washington and have a wonderful time with your son. I hope Europe turns on a beautiful Spring for you. Safe travels, xv.

  3. We always called that hill by the station Suicide Hill (for the uninitiated, it’s a very tight mini-switchback and really not fun to drive). When I got my license, my mom told me to not go that way to get to Midland Park, but it was the most direct route to my best friend’s house on Glen Ave. Sorry, Mom!

  4. Thanks, Linda and Vicki. Amanda, I agree that switchback was not fun to drive! My mother ALWAYS beeped the horn before going around the curve, whether she was driving up or down. It was/is so steep, and in winter with any hint of snow or ice, she avoided it completely by driving down Sheridan/Maple to Glen, up Glen and right on Hillcrest (?) to get to upper Ridgewood (she taught school there for many years). I didn’t know anyone called it suicide hill but that’s an apt description! Thanks for sharing that memory.

  5. the sheer terror of trying to climb this hill for the first time in your new-to-you car with “stick” (standard transmission)…

  6. Griff, thanks for your comment.

    I can only imagine trying to climb that hill with a stick shift — I never had to do that, thank goodness!

    I think I may have been in the same class as someone named Walter with your surname (?).

    Cheers and thanks for sharing the memory.

    • sorry I just now can (back) across this. the answer to your question is yup Walter (Walt) is my “kid” brother (he’s younger but not by much I’m 62 and Walt is 57, but still my “kid” brother. he has lived in Denver area since 1974.

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