Sydney’s Last Day of Summer

Last Day of Summer on Sydney Harbour

Last Day of Summer on Sydney Harbour

Sydney, Saturday

As those of you in the Northern Hemisphere feel spring in the air, today is the last day of summer in Australia.

Late this afternoon, Clive played a Tracy Chapman music DVD, including ‘Fast Cars’ and ‘Baby Can I Hold You,’ both performed in Paris.  I love these songs and love the way she sings them.  They make me feel melancholy and positive at the same time.

With My Mother at Her New Place, June 2008

With My Mom at Her New Place, June 2008

I am so looking forward to our upcoming trip, especially being with my mother in New Jersey, visiting with my father and his wife, seeing my son, and, as always, spending time in Paris.

But as all ex-pats know, there is always that feeling of being split, and longing for the other place we have chosen as home.

As luck would have it, on our last trip we arrived back in Sydney on November 30, and were here for the first day of summer, December 1st.  In many ways, it seems like we just got here, and now our minds are turning towards our next departure, in just over three weeks.

I never fail to be impressed at how geography — for me, Sydney and Paris – exerts such a powerful influence over one’s spirit and well-being.

Cheers to you, Sydney.  It was a lovely summer.

5 Responses

  1. It might be the last day of summer…but is it still warm?

    At least you do have a summer..we might be lucky if we get a few weeks…and I have no idea when our summer time begins….I think we only call it Summer because of the other reason..

    you might like to read this…

  2. I don’t know if it will last, but it was 60 beautiful degrees here today in Paris. If I can go by previous experience, March can get cold and nasty again but maybe not.

  3. Hi Carolyn,
    You words are both so true and powerful. ex-pats are always “split” between 2 worlds, and that’s not always easy to live with.

    I still love my country and thrill each time I go back. But, besides my immediate family, plus cousins on both coasts, I do not live on a daily basis over there anymore. My rhythm is with France, with it’s culture and way of life. Like you are between Sydney & Paris.

    I love the photo of you & your Mom ! I saw my Mom in 2006, when Didier & I went to HI, San Diego & then a stop in San Francisco just for fun.

    I’m sure that you are getting excited ! Your friends are waiting to see you & Clive in Paris.

    Cheers !

  4. Reading the comments, you have Leesa’s friends (from “news from France”) reading your blog. I now have 27 favorite blogs. I added one from Montpellier this morning after reading “Venice daily photo” whom I found after reading “Paris daily photo” (Eric, the writer of that blog is in Australia for 1 month right now).
    It is a small world after all for anybody ready to open their mind. It is not easy to have to share your time off and visiting family and friends, but how wonderful to have loved one to visit. There must be a “daily photo” from all the capitals of the world? I can’t tell you how happy to visit every day my favorite spots in the world.

  5. Anne, yes it’s been sunny and warm (sorry!). We are looking forward to being in England soon, too, even if it’s still a bit cool.

    Linda, 60 degrees in Paris – fabulous! I hope it’s that way in mid-April, too … I know it can vary a lot.

    Barbara, thanks for your comment. You really understand the situation and we look forward to meeting you and Leesa in Paris!

    Nadege, wise words – it is a small world indeed, and definitely a blessing to have loved ones to visit. I agree about following blogs and being ‘in’ our favourite places that way 🙂 I think I am a new fan of the daily Paris photo blog now, thanks to you!


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