Sydney French Film Festival


Festival Banners and Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

Sydney, Friday

Alliance Française in Sydney is sponsoring a French Film Festival from
4-19 March, 2009.

Earlier this week, we saw banners flying on George Street in Sydney’s central business district.  The online festival information lists over thirty films from which to choose.

Opening night features Paris 36.  Has anyone seen this?  I love movies, and just browsing through the list makes me more eager than ever for our upcoming trip to Paris.

Sydney doesn’t have a large French community, but Alliance Française does offer language courses and special programs.

Clive and I visited their temporary quarters a couple weeks ago, to have a coffee in their rather down-at-the-heel café.  The interim space is a bit grungy, but they know how to make an excellent express (espresso, or petit café noir).

6 Responses

  1. Carolyn, enjoy the film festival! xv.

  2. Oh… That’s good info Carolyn…. I’d love to go, too!!!
    Bizz, Leesa

  3. Hi Carol,

    Is “I’ve Loved You So Long” part of the festival? This movie with the bilingual Kristin Scott Thomas (“The English Patient,” “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” “Gosford Park”) in the starring role is supposed to be excellent. The movie was written and directed by a man named Philippe Claudel. Anyway this is described as high quality adult melodrama, or so said our local paper as the movie is playing in town this weekend.

  4. Thanks, Vicki and Leesa! Eleanor, that movie is not on the list, but I will try to get a copy – it looks interesting – thanks! I really like Kristin Scott Thomas – just last week I/we bought ‘Random Hearts’ which didn’t get great reviews but I liked a lot and wanted to have in our collection. A few years ago I saw an interview done with her, in her Paris neighbourhood 🙂

  5. Hi Carol,

    I’ll let you know if that Kristin Scott Thomas movie is any good, as my daughter and I are planning on seeing it tomorrow evening.

    Update from Eleanor, March 13: The Kristen Scott Thomas movie was excellent. Not her usual glamorous look!! I used the subtitles successfully and Rebecca was happy that she had no problem with the French.

  6. Eleanor, thanks and I’m definitely going to check out that movie!

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