Tea vs. Coffee: Amazing Water Usage

teapotboat1Sydney, Thursday

The day after I posted about a nice cup of tea, the Economist published a daily chart showing the water needed to produce various consumer goods.

According to ‘Thirsty work’, 1,120 litres of water go into producing a single litre of coffee, while only 120 litres go into making the same amount of tea.  That includes everything from growing to final packaging.

I understand water is needed for wine, apple juice, orange juice, and beer.  But I was surprised to learn a significant amount is also required to produce hamburgers, leather shoes, and microchips.

Australia has many drought-stricken areas, as do other parts of the world.  I know water is a precious resource.

But I still love my coffee.

2 Responses

  1. Oh no! This is terrible news. Excessive water consumption/pollution is one of the reasons I don’t eat animal products. But this news is very disturbing! I can’t imagine switching to tea in the morning. Oh, humanity!

  2. Jumbleberryjam, I agree!

    We’ve been trying to cut back a bit on coffee anyway, so maybe this will be further inspiration.

    Fellow coffee lover

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