An Alternative to Children’s Birthday Party Excess

Mum Hard at Work

Mum Hard at Work

Sydney, Thursday

Clive’s older grandson turned five on Valentine’s Day.  His party was held at home, in the downstairs rumpus (family) room.

Plans had been made to have everything outside, but pouring rain changed all that.

Clive and I wondered how everyone would survive (especially us), with twelve active five year-olds and a few younger siblings cooped up inside for two and a half hours.

Cake by Dad

Cake by Dad

We needn’t have worried.  The kids had a wonderful time, and so did we.

They loved the games led by the birthday boy’s mother, and the Curious George cake made and decorated by his father.

I respect Clive’s son and daughter-in-law so much, for the way they have resisted having what seems to us wildly over the top birthday parties.  It’s not easy.  Many of their friends hire special venues and entertainers for their children’s parties, which costs a small fortune and contributes to the ‘can you top this’ competition always faced by children and their parents.

Happy Birthday, N.

Happy Birthday, N.

I was a working parent and am hugely sympathetic to their pressures and lack of time.

Sometimes it’s easier to hire someone else to do the job.  But in the case of a child’s birthday, nothing beats parents who take the time to personalise it and do it themselves.

Well done, J and J.  Your son’s smile says it all.

2 Responses

  1. What a gorgeous boy he is too. Glad the birthday was a success. That cake is something else and it is wonderful that his Dad made it for him. I agree, birthday parties have got completely out of hand. Its good to see a return to basics which I am sure the kids enjoy far more.

  2. Thank you, Lilly! It was a great day – appreciate your nice comment 🙂


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