Warmth for My Northern Hemisphere Mates

Fairlight Beach, Sydney Harbour

Fairlight Beach, Sydney Harbour

Sydney, Wednesday

To all my friends and blogger mates in Paris snow or arctic temperatures in the northern hemisphere, I want to send a dose of Sydney sunshine your way.

I’ve been enjoying everyone’s winter wonderland photos!  Six months from now I’ll be admiring your summer ones, but for now here are a couple shots of our local Sydney Harbour beach.

Take care everyone and stay warm!


Juice Boat, Fairilght Beach, Sydney Harbour

Juice Boat, Fairilght Beach, Sydney Harbour

8 Responses

  1. Love the pictures of hot weather! Here in Iowa (USA) it is cold, cold, cold!!

    Looking at your pictures of the beaches and sun is a welcome relief!

    Take care.

  2. I am in L.A. and it is a tiny bit cold and you would think there was snow on the ground the way people react.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. I hope to see you again soon over at my place. I will be back to visit soon.
    A bientot!

  3. 21 degrees F here this morning. I could use a little of your sunshine.

  4. Thank you Carolyn, we could all do some of your sunshine. Brightened my day, but maybe a little envious..:-) Take Care.

  5. great photos! I remember walking around Fairlight Beach and seeing the information board about Fairlight House and being very surprised to see that because Mum and Dad live near Fairlight in Sussex, UK! (I took a photo of course!)

  6. Just beautiful! I wish I was there myself, checking
    out the juice boat. Now that is a cool idea!

  7. Hi Carolyn,

    Merci beaucoup xx
    God; those photos look so good ! I usually don’t get pangs of regret thinking about the Hawaiian islands that a left so very long ago… except when it’s freezing & someone shows me a beautiful pic on the beach
    Looks so nice; have a good day and enjoy all that warmth.

    Bye for now !

  8. Thanks everyone! Nadege, I hadn’t seen a juice/ice cream boat before Sydney Harbour either 🙂

    Sam, that’s really cool about your being at Fairlight – I’m glad you enjoyed it and good on you for doing the Spit/Manly walk.

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