Happy New Year from Sydney

Manly Harbour and Ocean Beaches, from Dobroyd Head, New Year's Eve

Manly Harbour and Ocean Beaches, from Dobroyd Head, New Year's Eve

 Sydney, New Year’s Eve

Sydney Harbour is the place to be on New Year’s Eve.  The Harbour side of Manly, where we live, has fireworks at 9pm, and the main Harbour has two shows, one at 9pm and one at midnight.

The weather today is warm and clear, and people have been setting up blankets and chairs on the Harbour foreshores since early this morning. 

A Big Time Difference

With the exception of New Zealand time, Sydney time is ahead of just about everywhere else in the world.

During this part of the year, when we’re on Daylight Saving Time, we’re 10 hours ahead of Paris, 11 hours ahead of London, 16 hours ahead of the U.S. east coast, and 19 hours – almost a full day — ahead of the U.S. west coast.

Even within the Asia Pacific region, we’re 3 hours ahead of Singapore and Shanghai and 2 hours ahead of Tokyo.

It Takes some Getting Used To

In my first month here in 1995, I went to an international newsagent near my office one Monday at lunchtime, to get my son a USA Today with weekend football reports.

The paper wasn’t there, and I was really disappointed, knowing how my son looked forward to this weekly treat.  The man behind the counter smiled and said, “Don’t be too upset.  It’s still Sunday in the U.S.”

Our Global Family

What the time difference means on New Year’s Eve is that while we’re watching Sydney fireworks as they happen, Clive’s father is also watching them, live on TV, while he has his 1pm lunch in his Ipswich, England sitting room. 

My father usually calls just after the fireworks are over, to tell us he also watched them live on TV, with his 8am breakfast in New Jersey.

Sydney New Year 2007, from Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney New Year 2007, from Sydney Morning Herald

 New Year’s Day

Every hour on New Year’s Day in Sydney, there are more global cities welcoming in the New Year.

We watch taped images from Asia with our morning coffee, then, if we’re home, have a leisurely day with Paris at 10am, London 11am, and later in the afternoon, New York at 4pm. 

By the time San Francisco rolls around at 7pm, we’re thinking about dinner and starting to approach the end of the first day of the New Year.

Watching the celebrations live from each of these cities is almost as good as being there.

Best Wishes from Tomorrow

I wish you all a peaceful and blessed New Year.

To everyone in the northern hemisphere, Happy New Year’s Eve when you get here.  We’ll be waving a big “G’day ” to you from 2009.


5 Responses

  1. May you and yours have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2009!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Day!

    Yes, here in the states we are getting video of the big fireworks display in your part of the world. It all looks quite grand! I always think back to 2000 when the eyes of the world watched that beautiful display of fireworks and how so many people wondered what would happen when the calendar turned to 2000! I guess it worked out okay! But I sure remember all the Y2K meetings….!

    I enjoyed your post yesterday and was most interested in seeing how people were dressed – of course it is summer and warm where you live. Sitting here in below zero conditions and seeing the snow piled up, all that looks very good!

    Take care and know that I sure enjoy your blog. It is very good and most enjoyable to read!

  3. Thanks and Happy New Year, Linda and Russell!

    Russell, stay warm up there in Iowa. We’ve been amazed at the weather reports from the Midwest and all the snow and ice you’ve been having. I don’t miss it but am glad my son had it for his first 10 years …

    Cheers and all the best for 2009!

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for visiting my blog 😉
    Wishing you une très bonne et heureuse année !

    I will be back also to enjoy your blog after my break.
    Have a good day !

  5. G’day C! Happy New Year to you… a little late via your blog! Beautiful photos!!! It looks sooo sunny and clear out… It’s supposed to snow in Ile de France tomorrow… et du verglas! It’s sooo cold here now! Can’t wait to go to Cali. this summer… I think I’ll go for the entire summer this tim!!! Take good care and all the best to you this year!! Take care… Leesa

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