On the Friday before Christmas, at Woolies I Did See


Christmas Crackers (from Wikipedia)

Christmas Crackers (from Wikipedia)


12 Tassie cheeses

11 trays of lamos

10 Christmas crackers

9 crushed pavlovas

8 mangoes ripening

7 chooks a barbequing

6 thousand Sydney oysters

5 tons of Aussie prawns

4 kangaroo biscuits

3 koala chocolates

2 Christmas puds

and 1 toddler whining in a cart


Woolies = Woolworths, Australian supermarket

Tassie = Tasmania

lamo = lamington, spongecake covered with chocolate and coconut

Christmas cracker = brightly-wrapped tube pulled by 2 people

pavlova = soft meringue dessert base

chook = chicken

prawn = large shrimp

biscuit = cookie

pud = pudding, dense cake with rum and fruit

toddler whining = found in supermarkets all over the world


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad you explained what everything was-I had no idea what most of them were.

  2. This is GREAT.

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