The Artificial Christmas Tree, Part 2: 10 Reasons I Like It

Sydney, Monday

Yesterday I wrote about the artificial tree causing real growth. The tree isn’t in the same category as precious ornaments, but as I approach my fourteenth Christmas Down Under, I’ve come to appreciate it.

Here are the benefits as I see them:

1.   It’s easy.  You just open the box, instead of tying it on top of the car, dragging it through the door, and cutting the bottom to fit the stand.

2.   It’s clean, and the needles and trunk aren’t sticky.

3.   It doesn’t have to be perfect, but if a branch is pointing in a way you don’t like, you can manipulate it to make it look different, or better hold an ornament.  “Arranging” branches is the weirdest aspect of having an artificial tree.        

4.   Very few needles fall off.

5.   No watering is required, and it doesn’t get dried out from the heat of summer.  Not having to water the tree is a huge plus.

6.   It’s fire-protected and not a fire hazard.  I used to worry about our real trees, especially after a week or two had gone by.   

7.   It can be left up longer, since it doesn’t dry out.   If you’re really in a bad way, you can throw a sheet over it and it will be fine until next year.

8.   It’s compact when put away and doesn’t take up much storage space.  That said, it does add to the Christmas stuff.  

9.   It’s economical.  My first one lasted eleven years.  Clive and I are now on our third year with our Big W Bantam Pine that cost AUD $45 (on sale).

10. An artificial tree seems to fit Sydney’s lifestyle.  It’s neither formal nor pretentious, just nice and casual and easy.     

Welcome back to the loungeroom, Aussie Christmas tree.  Now let’s get you dressed!

Aussie Christmas Tree

Aussie Christmas Tree

2 Responses

  1. I prefer a fake Christmas tree too but my husband always wants a real one. Hard to beat the fragrance but it sure is a mess to clean up.

  2. We would prefer a real tree..but economically artificial is the way forward, maybe next year I will get a real one.

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