A Sydney Homecoming to Remember

Sunday Afternoon on Sydney Harbour

Sunday Afternoon on Sydney Harbour

Sydney, Sunday

It’s good to be home.

Thanks to Clive’s son and daughter-in-law, our homecoming was a joy.  They and their almost-2 year-old and almost-5 year-old sons surprised us by coming to our apartment last night; stocking the fridge; cleaning three months of salt from the windows and dust from the furniture; sorting the mail; putting up balloons and making coloured flags of the countries we visited while we were away; meeting us at the airport this morning; and having morning tea ready to share back at the apartment.

Not only were we able to catch up on the family news in person, we don’t have to run out to the shops for food later today.  This busy, young family gave most of their precious weekend time to making the day one we’ll always remember.  They left us with instructions to relax and take it easy.   

After the past few months of focusing on others, we found it an unexpected gift to be on the receiving end of this attention.  We couldn’t have asked for a more thoughtful, or more perfect, homecoming.

Thank you, J and J.

Now, why is it that suitcases and carry-ons are zipped closed and look neat and tidy, but as soon as you open them, the contents expand to five times their original size?

One Response

  1. How fantastic, that most of been a great joy 🙂

    How very very thoughtful of them…I really don’t think they minded giving up their weekend to give such a special memory to you and Clive.

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