Running on the U.S. Hamster Wheel

New Jersey, Sunday

We have had a whirlwind 4 days since my post from Washington, D.C. about U.S. portion sizes. 

It’s a Balancing Act

More than anything, I’m trying to balance three critical priorities:

(1)    Spending time with my mother, just being together

(2)    Making sure her paperwork and bills/obligations are handled

(3)    cleaning and preparing her house for sale   

It is so easy to let (2) and (3) overpower (1), the most important of all, which is spending time with Mom while we’re here.  I’m trying to stay calm and focused, and to remember what’s most important.

Transition Times

There are times in one’s life when things are relatively calm and stable.  Then there are those other times, when everything is in transition and changing fast.  These times in particular test one’s resilience and ability to maintain equanimity in the face of great physical and emotional challenges.

As a member of the baby boomer generation, I know I’m one of millions of individuals in the “sandwich generation.”  We are simultaneously dealing with children who are entering young adulthood and parents who are facing the trials of aging.

A Typical Day

Sometimes it feels like we’re going around in circles, despite knowing we’re making progress.  A typical day includes the following:

·   visit with Mom

·   meetings with lawyer, bank, accountant, real estate agent

·   cleaning and clearing my mother’s house

·   errands; e.g. groceries, recycling, renew U.S. driver’s license

·   seeing my father and his wife

·   falling into bed ready to do the same again tomorrow

Expect the Unexpected

While I’m writing this post, Clive has just fixed the shower head, which started leaking badly last night.

It is hard to believe we leave for England in just over a week.  Then it will be Clive’s turn to focus on his parent, as we run on the England hamster wheel and I try to be as helpful and supportive a partner to him in the UK as he has been to me in the U.S.

Writing This Blog

Writing is both enjoyable and therapeutic for me, and that includes posting on this blog. Being on the hamster wheel has meant I don’t have the time I wish I did for writing,  The emotional side of the hamster wheel has at times reduced me to tears, but I know that’s normal, too.  I hope I’ll be able to write more when we get to Europe.

And some people think we’re on holidays!

One Response

  1. Sounds like a lot of work. I’m expecting it in the not too distant future with my parents. My Dad seems to be failing fast and I also am not in the same country. Good luck. You sound very organized.

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