Overheard at Second-Saturday Bridge Club

New Jersey, Saturday

Yesterday Clive and I witnessed a scene which we found both humorous and touching. I’d like to share it, then offer a brief reflection.

Place: Assisted-living facility, sunroom set up with two bridge tables.

Main characters: 4 women (one of whom recently moved to this facility, and is hosting her group there for the first time), and 4 men. All main characters are in their mid-80’s, and all names have been changed.

Minor characters:  visiting daughter and her partner, helping to meet and greet, serve pie and ice cream, and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Doris: who’s turn is it next month?

Edith: let’s get out our calendars.

Paul: I had it last month. Or did you, Andy?

Ruth: the second Saturday in November is the 15th.

Andy: I had it last month. It’s Lou’s turn in October.

Bill (to daughter’s partner): we bought a new refrigerator last week.

Edith: November 15th is the THIRD Saturday in November.

Paul: Lou, can you host next month?

Paul (louder): Lou, can you host next month?

Andy (louder again): LOU, CAN YOU HOST NEXT MONTH?

June: I can have it in October, but it has to be the first Saturday.

Lou: Isn’t it my turn next month?

Bill: We researched fridges in Consumer Reports.

Edith: You have it next month, Lou, but the second Saturday in November is the 8th.

Ruth: Well, sometimes I make a mistake.

Bill: We ended up just buying a refrigerator that fits in the hole in the wall.


It seems a miracle that these 8 individuals came together at the same time and the same place (including three of them still driving), where they enjoyed dessert followed by several hours of bridge. They may be forgetful about some things, and every one of them has medical issues, some serious, but they still play a mean game of bridge. They’re competitive, too, and play for money — for years and years, each has put in a quarter (25 cents). The winner gets a dollar, second place 75 cents, and the “booby” 25 cents.

 I salute them all, and hope Clive and I are lucky enough to reach those years with equal mental and physical energy.

3 Responses

  1. I hope my husband and I are equally as lucky as these very fiesty people!!! Good on them to keep going! It is good that they get to live in assisted-living facilities…gives them a home, but also neighbours in the same situation as themselves.

  2. Thanks, Anne! Mom’s the only one who lives there (so far), and her friends were keen to see her new residence. They are an amazing bunch … great role models! Cheers.

  3. Sounds like a conversation in one of my linguistic textbooks. Just goes to show how clever we humans are! They were probably listening to one another on a higher level and only answered when necessary. Or maybe not. Never a dull moment eh.

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