Saying Goodbye (Temporarily) to Sydney

Sydney Opera House, Taken Earlier This Week

Sydney Opera House, Taken Earlier This Week

Sydney, Sunday

Today was our last full day in Sydney for the next 3 months.  This is a beautiful time of year to be in Australia, but we have family reasons why this trip needs to be made now.

Australia has several calendar dates that differ from those in the northern hemisphere.  September 1, our departure day, is the first day of spring Down Under.  As those of you “up there” notice your days getting shorter, we are enjoying the longer evening light and smell of early spring in the air.

Father’s Day is also celebrated on a different date here than it is in Europe and the U.S.  It’s the first Sunday in September, and we’ll be away then.  So our family gathering today was not only to hear about Clive’s daughter’s trip to Europe and to celebrate an early 30th birthday for his daughter-in-law (in addition to our recent trip to the Hunter Valley wine region), but also for Clive to have an early Father’s Day with his children.

Australians travel a lot and to most Aussies, being away for 3 months is not unusual.  It seems a long time to me.  I’m excited about Paris, as always, even if our time there will be limited, and about visiting Scotland for the first time.  We both want and need to spend time with our parents in the U.S. and England, and I’m especially eager to see my  mother.  I’m dreading some of the issues we’ll face as we tackle the process of clearing and selling her house, but we’ll try to keep things positive, one day at a time.

I dream, and hope, that next trip we’ll spend more time in Paris.  For now, I look forward to being there in autumn, another beautiful season.  And we’ll be back in Australia by December 1, to welcome the first day of summer.  

Until then, goodbye, Sydney.  I’ll miss you.

Sydney Harbour Sunset

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