Celebrating a Birthday Presence Down Under

Late Morning in Sydney Harbour 6 August 2008

Sydney Opera House, Late Morning 6 August 2008

Sydney, Wednesday

Today is my son’s 23rd birthday, and he happens to be here in Sydney. 


Last year at this time, Clive, my son, and I were in Shanghai, another city I love.  I’d spent time regularly in Shanghai on business trips, but always working 24/7 and never having time to really explore, walk, eat, and shop the way I longed to do.  Clive and my son are both travellers and were also keen to visit Shanghai.  It was the first trip we three did together, one of those last-minute, cheap-fare deals that turned out to be a precious time for me, spending it with the two most important men in my life. 

Today is also the sixth birthday my son will spend without his father.  I admire, respect, and most of all love my son.  I’ve walked the life-changing path of widowhood, which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, but I know I cannot fathom the grief of a young person who loses a beloved parent.   I’m proud of everything my son has achieved in his young life so far, and everything I know he’ll achieve in the future. 

I know it’s right, and healthy, and to be celebrated that my son is growing up and moving into the next phase of his adult life.  He won’t be able to come home to Sydney as much as he did during his years at university.  He and his girlfriend will be juggling their respective work and law school demands, and making their own travel plans.

Today, I treasure his presence, and energy, and his being physically here, with us, in Sydney. 

Happy Birthday, G.  Cheers to you and a fantastic year ahead. 

Shanghai, Son's 22nd Birthday, 6 August 2007

Shanghai, Son's 22nd Birthday, 6 August 2007

2 Responses

  1. Dear Carolyn,

    We would like to use your photo of the Sydney Opera House (Late Morning in Sydney Harbour 6 August 2008) in our forthcoming publication ‘Grammar Plus’ for junior high students. Please let us know if we have your permission to do so. Thank you.

    Louisa Mew
    Learners Publishing Pte Ltd

  2. Louisa, as long as the photograph is appropriately credited this would be fine. Thank you!


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