Winter Evening on Sydney Harbour

Manly Ferries Crossing Sydney Harbour 5pm Sunday

Manly Ferries Crossing Sydney Harbour 5pm Sunday

Sydney, Monday morning (photo taken Sunday evening)

The yachts have all gone home but the ferries are still running.  South Head is behind them and the small headland on the right is part of Sydney Harbour National Park near Reef Beach.  

A closer view of the ferries going to and from Manly Wharf and Circular Quay:

Manly Ferries on Sydney Harbour

Manly Ferries on Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour tops the list of everything I love about this city.  The Harbour is blessed with great natural beauty, miles and miles, or kilometres and kilometres, of headlands, bays and beaches, and coastal walks through protected national park bushland.  It’s very much a working Harbour and there’s always something happening on and around it, whether it’s filled with pleasure craft on a summer day, hosting the Queen Victoria cruise ship at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, or busy with the comings and goings of container ships from Asia.  Manly ferries go past “the Heads,” North Head and South Head, which form the entrance to Sydney Harbour.

Best of all, the Harbour is part of Sydney’s daily life and lifestyle, not set aside as a pristine wonderland to be visited only on special occasions.  Sydneysiders take ferries to work, children grow up playing on the beaches and learning to swim and sail, and families walk and picnic along the foreshores.  And one step away from the water is everything a world-class city has to offer.

Sydney’s mix of Harbour, ocean, and city life dazzled me when I moved here in 1995 and still dazzles me today.

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  1. Great photos. I have a friend who lives in Sydney near the water. I didn’t know that so much of Sydney was situated around the water, other than the famous harbor. It reminded me a lot of San Francisco.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Linda. Yes, there are some similarities to San Francisco. I once read that Sydney is five times as big and one-fifth as hilly as S.F. S. F. is a great city, too …

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