Welcome to My Sydney Paris Life

Shelly Beach, Manly  2 August 2008

Shelly Beach, Manly 2 August 2008

Sydney, Saturday

G’day, Salut, and welcome to My Sydney Paris Life.

In February this year, I left a long-term corporate career with the aspiration and intention to do more reading, writing, and travelling, at home in Sydney and in faraway places, with my partner, Clive.  At the top of the list was, and is, the goal of spending more time in Paris.

The more-time-in-Paris part has proved challenging, which isn’t necessarily surprising but is still frustrating, since for me the City of Light has always been both a constant dream and a cherished destination.

Clive and I have immediate family on three continents, and this year my Sydney Paris life has had a good dose of the U.S. and England mixed in, the state of New Jersey and the county of Suffolk in East Anglia, to be specific.  As many with aging parents and young adult children do, we juggle.  We try to balance work, family, and our own daily life with longer-term plans and dreams.

I hope this blog will be a new and interesting way to articulate my goals and realities, and to share my love of these two cities that nourish and inspire me.

All content on this blog is copyright. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are owned and/or taken by me or Clive. Clive uses publicly-available images to create tailored graphics, and I sometimes include scans of book covers, brochures, and other items I own.


2 Responses

  1. Good start Carolyn. I particularly like the header photo and look forward to reading more about Paris. I have been there a few times and my wife keeps telling me we should spend more time there. Any tips on communicating broken french to fast-talking french people?

  2. Thanks, Robbie. Just keep practicing; it gets easier every time. My experience with Parisians is that they respond quite positively when they see you’re making an effort. Cheers, C.

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